Trash Collection


16 Pennsylvania Avenue

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Phone: 508-693-2187

Monday through Saturday

7:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Local Drop Off

  • You can take your trash directly to the OB Trash Local Drop Off ("The Dump"). You must purchase Trash Stickers ($5.00 each). Each sticker is good for 1 (one) 30-33 gallon barrel or one large black trash bag.

  • Recycling: Purchase a Vehicle Permit ($25.00) which will be affixed to your vehicle’s window. This enables you to drop all recycles at no additional cost. The sticker is good for one year beginning in June.

Curbside Collection

  • Call Oak Bluff Trash & Rubbish to set up Curbside Pickup.

  • Household refuse left for curbside collection must be in plastic bags inside a barrel.

  • A rubbish sticker ($5.00) must be placed on the top bag inside the barrel.

  • Set barrel(s) at curbside no earlier than morning of collection. Barrel(s) must be out by 7 a.m. to ensure pick up for that day.

  • The rubbish trucks do not pick up recycling materials, metal, appliances, construction debris, Christmas trees or any rubbish not in a bag and inside a barrel.


PO Box 5028

Vineyard Haven MA 02568

(508) 693-5454

Residential In-Yard Pickup: Residential customers have the option for Bruno’s to come in to your yard. This option is common for customers with long driveways or apartments. Pickup is twice a week (Monday’s & Thursdays). Recycling is every other week. Call for pricing.

Residential Curbside Collection: Call Bruno’s for Pricing