Solar Policy & Guidance

Meadow View Farms Property Owners Association
Architectural Approval Committee
Solar Energy System Policy

Any and All solar energy system installations fall under the Master Declaration of Meadow View Farms Property Owners Association, Articles of Organization which states:

No buildings, structures of any kind, or additions or substantial exterior alterations thereto, shall be permitted …... on any Residence Lot until the size, plans, specifications and locations thereof shall have been approved in writing by the Architectural Approval Committee.”

Any owner who wishes to install solar energy systems on their property is required to submit to the Architectural Approval Committee (AAC) a Property Owners Construction Application. Each application’s approval will be determined separately and independently of any other previous applications due to the landscape, settings, structure location and other varied factors of any Residence Lot and surrounding Residence Lots. Reasonable factors taken into consideration include visual impact on the meadow, the road, and neighboring homes.

This policy is for addressing solar energy structures in conformity with the Meadow View Farms Property Owners Association Articles of Organization ARTICLE II: LAND CLASSIFICATIONS PROPERTY USE AND RESTRICTIONS, SECTION 2.01 Land Classifications, A. Residential Use and C. Improvements and Alterations