Violation Policy & Fine Schedule

Covenants Violation Policy

In accordance with the provisions of section 4.06 and 5.04 of the Amended, Restricted and Extended Declaration of Covenants (the “Covenants”) of Meadow View Farms, the Board of Directors of the Meadow View Farm Property Owners Association (the “Association”) has adopted the following regulations implementing an enforcement policy for the Covenants or Rules and Regulations adopted thereunder applicable setting forth enforcement procedures and applicable monetary penalties for continued violations. This policy will be deemed part of the Association Regulations and is subject to amendment or modification at any time by majority vote of the Board.

First Notice
A Warning Letter will be delivered to the Owner of the property outlining the violation and, if appropriate, given a time frame for compliance. In the event that the Owner of the property can be identified as an absentee Owner, a copy of the violation letter will also be sent to the tenant at the property address.

Assessment of Initial Monetary Penalty
The Association will assess a monetary penalty according to the Fine Schedule if the Owner has not corrected or removed (or has chosen not to correct or remove) the violation, or the violation has been repeated within the time frame of the First Notice. All penalty notices may be sent via regular or certified mail. The homeowner will be responsible for a certified fee added to the penalty.

Assessment of Additional Monetary Penalty
After the imposition of the Initial Penalty, additional penalties may be imposed upon subsequent inspections if the Owner has not corrected or removed (or has chosen not to correct or remove) the violation or the violation is repeated or has returned. Additional monetary penalties will be imposed after inspections have been conducted to coincide with the terms of the notices.

Exception of Notice Procedure
Violations posing a threat to the health, safety, and/or welfare of the community as a whole or any one or more other Owners may require immediate action and thus create exceptions to the foregoing notice provisions. Examples of health, safety, and welfare violations include, but are not limited to, the following: accumulation of trash and/or other materials that may attract pests, threat of flood or fire damage to neighboring properties; an escaped pet; or a collapsed structure or tree blocking the road or drivers’ lines of vision.

Opportunity to be Heard
The Association recognizes each Owner’s right to explain the reasons why there is a violation of the Association Covenants or Regulations, particularly if the violation results in a monetary penalty. Before any penalty is assessed, an Owner can request a hearing before the Board of Directors. The Owner is to communicate this intent to the Secretary of MVFPOA, who will inform the Board of Directors. The Owner must provide a timely written request for a hearing. If the hearing is scheduled, the Owner is bound by the decision of a majority of the Board.

Covenants Violation Fine Schedule