Homeowner / Tenant / Renter Guidelines 

updated July 2024

EMERGENCY: Call 911 for assistance. 

NOISE: All residents and guests are required to curtail noise by 11 pm. For noise complaints, please notify the homeowner, or call the OB Police Department (508) 693-0750. 

MEADOWS: We're excited to announce our participation in an island-wide initiative to cultivate our meadows with native plants that support pollinators. We kindly ask that you refrain from picking or cutting the flowers in these meadows and appreciate your patience as we work to enhance their beauty over time. 

TRASH: Trash or garbage must be deposited in a suitable container/barrel with a lid. The trash barrel must not be viewable from the street. It should be kept inside your garage, or in an inconspicuous spot on the side or back of the house with a tight lid that cannot be opened by animals. 

The Town of Oak Bluffs provides trash pickup on Thursday morning. Trash containers must be at the roadside by 7:30 am. A sticker (purchased at the dump, town hall, or Our Market) must be placed on the top bag of trash in the container. If the property owner has a private trash company, they must notify you about the time and day of the pickup. 

DOGS/ANIMALS: The Town of Oak Bluffs has a leash law. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Please pick up after your dog and do not leave poop bags lying around for others to pick up!  😡

Stray dogs/animals should be reported to the Oak Bluffs Animal Control Officer at 508-693-0857, or 508-693-1212

TENNIS: The tennis courts are reserved for the use of property owners and guests. In times of demand, players should limit play to one set and give up the court to waiting players. Please, no glass containers, skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, or black-soled sneakers. The combination for entry to the tennis courts is 8486. If you have any issues regarding the lock, please contact Todd Debettencourt @ 774-836-0768. 

SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit in Meadow View Farms is 15 mph. Motorists are cautioned to watch for children, or walkers on the side of the road. It is suggested that walkers walk on the side of the road in the direction facing on-coming traffic. Our roads are narrow so please stay to your side of the road, especially when going around bends or in areas with an obstructed view. Please use extreme caution at the entrances from/to County Road where there is a bike crossing. 

PARKING: Please no parking on the sides of the roads or meadows unless you are having a large party, or if a strong windstorm is predicted with potential tree damage. Please try to park all wheels off the pavement. 

MVFPOA PROPERTY MANAGER: Todd Debettencourt 774-836-0768.